Custom Metal Enclosures

Noble Industries is a preferred supplier for custom metal enclosures, metal cabinets, and metal shelving assemblies in aluminum, stainless steel or steel. Our engineering staff's ability to work with our customers to significantly reduce the number of individual sheet metal parts required to assemble complex custom made cabinet or custom metal enclosure assemblies is a key to this success. We accomplish this by redesigning individual sheet metal parts to take full advantage of our state of the art Salvagnini CNC panel bending technology.

Our custom sheet metal enclosures include a variety of doors, drawers, and panel, including electrical cabinets, precision panels, control boxes and enclosures. With quality assurance and cost efficient products, Noble Industries is the custom metal fabricator for any sheet metal task.

  • • Doors, Drawers & Panels
  • • Electrical cabinets, control boxes and enclosures
  • • Precision panels for computer chassis
  • • Heat exchangers and vending machines
  • • Tool drawers for utility trucks
  • • Lockers
  • • RV door panels

We specialize in aluminum enclosures used for metal cabinets where the customer is looking for a light weight solution. Small aluminum enclosures are also products we produce regularly for the medicacl industry. We can compete with Hoffman enclosures when looking for a custom metal enclosure similar to enclosures offered by distributors of Hoffman enclosures.

Stainless steel enclosures are often used when the metal enclosure needs to have a high corrision resistance.

After your metal enclosures are fabricated, Noble Industries can powder coat your custom metal enclosures to any powder coat color you desire as custom powder coating is offered at the same location.  

Custom Metal Enclsorues - OEM Enclosure

Custom Metal Enclsorues - Electronics Chassis

Custom Metal Enclsorues -  Hot Dog Steamer

Custom Metal Enclsorues - Tractor Trailer Battery Box

Custom Metal Enclsorues - Small Arms Box

Feature Service or Item

Superior Laser Cutting with 8 Lasers and Mazak FMS System

Noble Industries has the best laser cutting capabilities in the Midwest.  We have 6 Mazak 4000 watt laser cutting machines and 1 Mazak 2500 Watt laser & 1 Mazak 1000 laser.  We have the ability to do 3D cutting which can be used for countersinking holes or cutting tube.  Call us to today for laser cutting services.  We can also form your parts, provide welded assemblies and powder coat.  Noble Industries is your 1st choice in all things metal fabrication

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