Custom Metal Stands

Noble Industries is a sheet, tube & wire metal fabrication company with years of experience in producing custom fabricated metal stands. Our clients have asked for custom metal stands with literature holders on them. Custom aluminum stands are considered because they are "light weight" by comparison to carbon steel stands and are great for table top custom metal stands! If you are looking for an outside product then you might want to consider custom stainless steel stands as stainless steel won't rust or stain as quickly as carbon steel or aluminum. Whether you need a short run or a large production run packaged and shipped to multiple locations, Noble Industries is the metal fabricator for all your custom metal stands. Our in-house powder coating and packaging departments will help you pick out the right color for your stands and customize the boxes based on your shipping needs.

Here are a few of the stands we have manufactured over the years:


Noble Industries: Professionalism and Flawless Execution

At Noble Industries we aim to handle all custom fabricated metal stands jobs with the most professional and flawless manner possible. This allows our customers the freedom to focus on their core competencies, fostering customer growth without the restriction of manufacturing constraints and large capital investment. You can count on us to deliver fabricated sheet metal products when you need them, how you need them.

Contact a knowledgeable Noble Industries professional at 800-466-1926 and let us know how we can meet your design, custom metal fabrication, powder coating and fulfillment needs.

Feature Service or Item

Superior Laser Cutting with 8 Lasers and Mazak FMS System

Noble Industries has the best laser cutting capabilities in the Midwest.  We have 6 Mazak 4000 watt laser cutting machines and 1 Mazak 2500 Watt laser & 1 Mazak 1000 laser.  We have the ability to do 3D cutting which can be used for countersinking holes or cutting tube.  Call us to today for laser cutting services.  We can also form your parts, provide welded assemblies and powder coat.  Noble Industries is your 1st choice in all things metal fabrication

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