From design to final shipment, from simple brackets to multifaceted assemblies, Noble Industries has been leading the way since 1968 by offering unprecedented flexibility and creativity in metal fabrication of seemingly impossible jobs. Our superior product quality has been the cornerstone to our growth and our history. Noble Industries was founded by William and Anita Parker. The Noble Industries family business that started in a barn with less than 300 sq ft has grown to 110,000 square feet facility on the north side of Indianapolis, Indiana in the town of Noblesville. We have 60+ employees that we consider our most valuable asset. Many have been employed by Noble Industries for over 20 years.

William Parker's philosophy is that "Every Day is Great" and it shows in the success we share with our employees & clients.

Although every year new customers and additional equipment is added, some Noble Industries Milestones are worth document:

1968 - Started making metal aquarium stands in the barn on a part-time basis.

1969 - Began full-time production of aquarium stands. Produced metal fabricated molds for rubber products, designed and produced tooling and dies. Success had started and Noble Industries was created.

1970 - Noble Industries is Incorporated

1972 - Moved from the barn to a new 5000 sq ft building at 3333 E. Conner St, Noblesville, IN

1974 - Expanded to 15,000 square feet, Roll forming and a 450 feet Powder Coating line is added to our metal fabrication operation.

1978 - The Noblesville facility was expanded to 30,000 square feet and Noble Industries designed and marketed its second captive product; the Noble Pyramid auto ramp. Consumer Reports rated it the top rated auto ramp in the country.

1980 - The CNC era for Noble Industries started with the purchase of a new CNC Brake Press and a CNC turret press. The production of military shipping containers begins. These sealed and pressurized containers are to be used by United States Department of Defense to protecting the expensive M1 Tank transmissions as well as Jet engine during shipment.

1985 - Noble Industries announced its third product, the Noble Nitro Chiller. This cryogenic freeze is used in the heat treating industry to capture and use the extreme cold properties of liquid nitrogen to cool a chamber to -120 degrees Fahrenheit without consuming or contaminating the N2.

1994 - Our first Mazak CNC Laser and second Amada CNC Turret Press were purchased

1997 - Installation of a new state-of-the-art powder coating system is completed. This line places Noble Industries at the forefront in powder coating technology with a 6 state pretreatment system culminating with a DI water final rinse, Gema powder application booth with 8 automated and 2 manual powder application guns. Our line capable of handling parts up to 38" wide x 72" high x 150" in length.

1999 - The purchase and installation of our second Mazak CNC laser with load/unload automation.

Laser area with auto/load unload

2003 - Our Mazak 4000 Watt Space Gear was added bringing us to Three CNC Lasers. This machine adds the capability for flat or 3D Laser processing including tube and pipe laser cutting.  The picture above shows both laser cutting additions.

2004 - Noble Industries reaffirms a commitment to tube and pipe fabrication with the addition of a Dutch Saw High Speed CNC Tube processing system with inline deburring as well as a adding CNC tube bending to the long list of capabilities.

2005 - Welding is given an technology upgrade with the purchase of our Genesis Robotic Weld Cell with Twin Fanuc Welding Heads.

Robotic welding

2006 - Noble Industries achieves its ISO 2001 Certification and expanded our CNC Laser load/unload cell with our fourth Mazak CNC Laser with load/unload automation.

2010 - Noble Industries added a Salvagnini S4P4 panel punch & bending FMS Line, an EdgeMaster M100 Corner Former and our Virtek LaserQC

2012 -  January 1st, Noble Industries owners Greg Parker and Brenda Parker Snyder stategically purchased Madsen Wire Products so that Noble Industries and Madsen Wire Products could offer full service metal fabrication services to their customers.  By June, the growth at Noble Industries brought a need to add additional  laser cutting capacity and metal forming equipment .   Two (2) new Mazak 4000 Watt lasers were added in July and 2 Amada Press Brakes.  In October the addition of a Mazak FMS system was added with a 10 sheet metal tower.  

2013 - Highlights of equipment purchases in 2013 include a Chevalier Vertical Machining Center and a 350 ton CINCINNATI PRESS BRAKE 350MX10.

2014 - HIghlights of 2014 included new equipment for our powder coating line and GEMA OPTI FLEX AUTO & MANUAL GUNS.

2015  - Noble Industries added our 7th Laser , a 4000 Watt Mazak Space Gear

2016 - Our 40,000 square foot building expansion was started and competed in the first quarter of 2017.  

2017 - With the building expansion complete, our metal fabrication management team started the new sheet metal processing flow. Plans were established to move the 7 Mazak lasers and purchase 1 more Mazak Space gear by the beginning of 2018. The 5S Program was initiated on the shop floor as well in 2017.  

2019 - Noble Industries created OmniWall, the home, garage and commercial wall organization system. OmniWallUSA, the best tool organizer

Noble Industries: Professionalism and Flawless Execution

At Noble Industries we aim to handle all metal fabrication jobs with the most professional and flawless manner possible. This allows our customers the freedom to focus on their core competencies, fostering customer growth without the restriction of manufacturing constraints and large capital investment. You can count on us to deliver fabricated sheet metal products when you need them, how you need them.

Contact a knowledgeable Noble Industries professional at 800-466-1926 and let us know how we can meet your design, custom metal fabrication, powder coating and fulfillment needs.

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OmniWall by Noble Industries

In 2019, Noble Industries created a product line for the home, garage and tool organization market. OmniWall is the most versatile wall organization system on the market. 18 gauge galvanneal steel wall panels and over 43 metal one piece accessories. Powder coated in 6 colors that match major hand tool brands, OmniWall meets all your garage organization needs. Shop OmniWall at OmniWallUSA, the best tool organizer.

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