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With CNC laser cutting curves are as easy to cut as straight lines, complex 3-D structures are relatively easy to produce, and the number of steps that required human action before has been dramatically reduced. It allows more efficient part nesting capability due to greater programming flexibility.

At Noble Industries, we use Sigma programming and nesting software for our CNC laser cutting programs. This software allows for better nesting and common line cutting among other things.

Our automatic nesting software analyzes the external geometry of parts and automatically rotates parts aligning the common geometry to maximize the common cutting opportunities. It will also analyze parts prior to nesting a single part. It analyzes, categorizes then mathematically nests the parts in memory more than 30 times based on the sheet area using parts in rows and columns. The advantage that Sigma has over older technology and the programmer is time. Sigma can compare more pairs of parts, check hundreds of rotations, and therefore nest parts more efficiently.  All this could not be done if the laser equipment was not set up with CNC processing.

At the CNC laser cutting stations, Mazak CNC control are used. Our Mazak's Mazatrol PREview CNC drives the laser machine through powerful 64-bit processor technology and a unique, "look-ahead" capability. Many CNC controls simply execute one command at a time, causing excess heat build-up at corners and radii, rough directional transitions, and other quality issues. PREview reads ahead through several commands, predicting problem areas such as tight corners and intricate shapes and adjusting the cutting parameters for each shape for top-quality cutting at the lowest possible cycle time.

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Superior Laser Cutting with 8 Lasers and Mazak FMS System

Noble Industries has the best laser cutting capabilities in the Midwest.  We have 6 Mazak 4000 watt laser cutting machines and 1 Mazak 2500 Watt laser & 1 Mazak 1000 laser.  We have the ability to do 3D cutting which can be used for countersinking holes or cutting tube.  Call us to today for laser cutting services.  We can also form your parts, provide welded assemblies and powder coat.  Noble Industries is your 1st choice in all things metal fabrication

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