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Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting Services

Laser cutting is a core competency at Noble Industries. We have been providing laser cutting services for more than  29 years.  We just added our 9th Laser and have capacity for your laser cut metal parts! We have over 400,000 hours of laser cutting capabilities. If you need a quick turnaround laser cutting partner, look to Noble Industries!  

Being able to control a broad range of laser parameters precisely helps transform a flat sheet of metal into numerous parts with a variety of characteristic without the need of extra tooling. We have the ability to cut flat sheet metal or tubes. We can cut holes straight through the metal or we can etch or even countersink holes. By using our laser cutting services, you will have the precision parts quickly and cost effectively.  Today we have 8 Mazak lasers and 4 load/unload cells making Noble Industries one of the largest metal fabrication shops with laser cutting capability.

We purchased our first Mazak laser cutting machine in 1994.  It was a 1000 watt laser with a maximum of  48 inch x 96 inch sheet capacity.  As the first laser cutting job shop in Indiana, Noble Industries offered solutions for cutting sheet metal instead of punching or stamping a part.  Today Noble Industries has 9 lasers and capacity to handle large production laser cutting and small jobs as well.   

We still have this 1000 watt laser today and use it fornsmall jobs and laser cutting holes and slots in tube.  Noble Industries has 4 laser cells with load and unload automation.  One cell has Mazak 2500 watt. Another is a Mazak 3D 4000 Watt and a Mazak 4000 watt laser.  One operator can manage these laser cell with ease.  Both the 2500 watt laser and the 4000 watt laser handle cutting of up to 5/8" material.  The third load/unload laser cutting cell is made up of two 4000 watt Mazak lasers with a Mazak FMS tower. The fourth laser cell is made up of two Mazak 3D 4000 Watt lasers.  All laser cutting cells handle 5' X 10' sheets of metal.  The need for 3D laser cutting led us to the purchase of our Mazak 4000 watt Space Gear in 2003. Cutting width and length cut surface on our 3D laser is 60" X 120".   In June of 2015, we added a second 4000 watt Mazak Space Gear and in December of 2017 we added the third Mazak 3D Space Gear. 

With our 9 Mazak lasers, Noble Industries is the largest laser cutting job shop in the Midwest.  Our customers say that not only do we have capacity to meet their everchanging needs, our laser cut parts are the best parts in the business.  Let us be your first choice for your laser cutting needs.

This picture at the top of the page shows our Mazak 4000 Watt Space Gear laser cutting 3/8" A36 material with straight holes and the red spot is a countersunk hole still hot from the laser.  These laser cut parts are Automotive Aftermarket Metal Brackets.  We laser cut then form these metal parts on a press brake and powder coated.  We ship 500 to 1,000 a week of this parts and approxiamtely 25,000 of 10 to 20 different parts for the Automotive and Industrial industries each week.

Laser Cutting Sheet Metal Capabilities


  • Carbon Steel up to 5/8" material
  • Stainless Steel up to 0.50"
  • Aluminum to 0.375"
  • Galvanized to 0.25"

Sheet Size

  • 60" X 120"

Laser Cutting Features

  • Nested parts using SigmaNest nesting software to maximize material
  • Round, square, rectangular and triangular tubing
  • Sheet metal, Angle iron, I-beam, and C-channel

What is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is the technology that uses a intense laser to cut metal. The word "laser" stands for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation" - a process that works by stimulated emission. It is manifested in the form of a beam that can be manipulated with various reflective surfaces. 

What are the benefits of Laser Cutting?Laser Cutting Sheet Metal

Custom laser cut parts produces greater consistency from part to part. Precision sheet metal parts can be made by laser cutting the parts due to the ability to hold tighter tolerances.  Laser cutting gives you cleaner, burr-free cuts, quicker production, minimal operator intervention and greater accuracy which equates to less wasted metal & time. This lower costs to the manufacturer & results in a savings to the customer.  Processing tolerance can be guaranteed at 0.005.  

Quality Control Inspection

If you are looking for a metal fabrication company who takes ISO 9001:2015 seriously along with continuous improvement, Noble Industries is that company.  We purchased a Virtek Scanner and created a white room beside the laser cutting area so that first article inspections could be done as soon as the first part was cut.  The operator places the first article part on the glass of the scanner and an infrared beam locates the part, scans and gathers key data and dimensions of the part and compares it to the electronic drawing.  This QC inspection provides assurance of quality parts with exacting tolerances for first article inspection before the part goes to another work center. 

If cost is your biggest consideration of precision sheet metal cutting, then you might want to consider punching the part in our cnc punching department. 


Feature Service or Item

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