Production Powder Coating Services since 1974

Powder CoatingNoble Industries has offered custom powder coating services since 1974.  From a basic powder coating operation in the 70's to our "state-of-the-art" system today, Noble Industries can finish what you start with any metal product.  We don't just stop with powder coating your parts, we can also perform light assembly work and kit packing so that it can leave our door and ship to any location you desire.

Noble Industries purchased a batch powder coating booth in 1974.   A few years later production powder coating services was added.  We have been offering custom powder coating services for over 40 years!

Powder coating is environmentally safe and a superior alternative to sludge producing solvent based wet paints. All types of metal need to have some type of protective finish to avoid corrosion. Metal powder coating has become so advanced with the development of resin bases, colors and textures to suit every environment. Whether it is lawn furniture in the Florida sun or the suspension of a heavy duty truck in Alaska, powder can be produced to best fit the need. Noble Industries partners with outstanding powder suppliers that pride themselves on quality, knowledge, resources and delivery. With support from our suppliers and utilizing our top-notch equipment, Noble Industries can provide unmatched quality and service in finishing your parts.

Noble Industries stands out as the superior powder coating service provider for these reasons:

Our most important attribute is our people. With over 120 years of custom powder coating experience running our powder coating & packaging operation, you will work with customer oriented people that care about your product and want you to succeed. Your success is our success. We inspect every single part prior to packaging. We are ISO 9001-2008 certified, so we also have a series of quality checks that are performed on a routine basis.

We understand that the parts must be clean and free of oils before coating.  Noble Industries has continual improvement even with our powder coating line.  Where we used to have a 6 stage wash, we now have up to 7 stages of wash.

5 Stage Pre-treatment Wash

Stage 1- Alkaline based cleaner used to remove all water soluble oils.

Stage 2: Fresh water ambient rinse

Stage 3: Iron Phosphate Conversion Coating used to deposit iron onto the parts for adhesion and lays down a barrier for corrosion protection.

Stage 3: Fresh water ambient rinse

Stage 5: Non-Chrome Sealer used to shed the water off the part and seal for flash protection.

We can add descale wash of laser cut parts before Stage 3 if needed.  This includes sulfuric acid to remove the oxidation caused by laser cutting.  This process is a low PH wash.  A fresh water rinse occurs and then a neutralizing rinse with very high PH water to prevent flash corrosion. 

Noble Industries offers a high production powder coating line to maximize productivity for long runs.  We powder coat over 15,000 parts a day.   Our high production powder coating line was designed to increase productivity, profitabillity and quality.   We offer powder coating services to outside customers who fabricate their own parts and still need powder coating services.  We specialize in quick turnaround on small and large production powder coating services. 

Details of our conveyorized powder coating process include:

Our system is able to achieve 1000 hours+ in a salt/humidity testing cabinet on a scribed substrate.

  • Custom Powder Coating1000' of continuous multi-speed conveyor
  • Gema Diamond powder application booth with (8) automatic Gema guns and (2) manual Gema powder application guns
  • Mini-cyclone powder recovery system that enables Noble Industries to reclaim and reuse powder to keep costs down.
  • Gas fired convection bake oven capable of curing and powder at supplier recommended bake times with consistent repeatable performance measured via computer generated oven profiles.
  • Work envelope packages of 38"w x 72"h x 150" in length.

Powder Coating ServicesWe can obtain stock colors chosen from our supplier’s vast list of choices or we can have powder custom made to your color specifications.  Powders are available in a variety of resin bases such as epoxies, hybrids, polyesters, urethanes and acrylics. There are two different groups of powders. The resin bases just mentioned are examples of thermoset powders. Thermoset powder will chemically react during the curing cycle to form a polymer crosslinking network. Thermoplastic powder such as nylon and vinyl do not chemically react and will remelt if heat is reapplied. Most powders will cure at approximately 400 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes. New technology designed for faster cures and energy savings will allow powders to cure at 300 to 325 degrees.

Metal Powder CoatingIn addition to the different resin bases, powder is available in numerous gloss levels as well as different textures.  You can choose from the following: smooth, textures, hammertones, veins, wrinkles and peels. From old world to contemporary, the custom powder coating you want is most likely available. We are more than happy to help you find the right powder solution for your application. 

Benefits of Powder Coating

  • Environmentally friendly approach to sealing or coating parts.  No Solvents!
  • Long-Lasting and durable finish can withstand higher levels of salt and abrasiveness over wet paint
  • Wide range of colors and textures
  • When applied correctly with the right UV products, powder coating can withstand prolonged sunlight without fading.

Contact a knowledgeable Noble Industries professional at 800-466-1926 and let us know how we can meet your design, manufacturing, powder coating, packing, and fulfillment needs.


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